Hey! They call me Samantha.

My divine assignment is to activate and empower an army of Alchemists, Superheroes, Lightworkers, Loveleaders, Healers, Coaches and Creatives to Architect a new iteration and evolution of our collective Reality.

By using the principles of Alchemy, Quantum Mechanics, Systems Theory and Applied Emergence Theory, we are able to understand ourselves and our Universe, deconstruct it and reconstruct it into new formations.

My objective is to bring a recognition and remembrance through both META and MESA frameworks that we are both Creator and Creation of our lives and Universe and that it is our opportunity to create the systems, structures and paradigms for optimal flourishing.

Transmutation is what I came here to be & do.

My Story

Similar to the stories many of us share, I grew up with a Standard North American lifestyle; eat junk food, take the medications, stress out over everything, learn to repress my emotions, become consumed by fear and negativity, get sick, lose faith in everything, have a massive breakdown and find myself needing to piece together the broken parts.

At 26, I nearly died. It was the scariest and yet most pivotal experience for me. After years of physical, mental and emotional trauma, all systems in my body shut down and I could not function. I was sick ALL the time, had lost my period for 7 years, had Hashimoto’s thyroid autoimmune condition, hormone imbalances, mood fluctuations, and then had an infection go systemic and cause a cancerous blood situation. I was faced with a near death/meet God/Realize I am the Universe experience that gave me the opportunity to awaken to my own Self and choose life.

This is where my true healing began, where the answers to the Universe were held and where my Alchemist path unfolded exponentially.

Do we have the power to re-write our DNA and to re-code our existence?

Most people won’t tell you about this, simply because they don’t understand, but we all hold the medicine, the codes and the answers within us. We are infinitely more powerful than we are made to believe.

With this shift in timelines, and this rapid expansion in consciousness, people are waking up and beginning to rekindle their own power and remember their true essence. These are wonderful times to be alive.

Lifestyle Alchemy, Reality Alchemy& Life purpose business coaching

People want to be healthy, happy, free & fulfilled, yet they just don’t know how. There is a lot of illusion and confusion out there. In my work, I make the journey as simple, straightforward and supportive as possible.

I offer Reality Alchemy Coaching, and Life Purpose Business Coaching for Leaders looking to step into their power and fulfill their mission on the planet. By providing the step-by-step pathway, the systems, the structures, the direction and the support necessary to do so, the journey gets to be accessible and fun.

Samantha Lotus

Professional Bio

Samantha is a Lifestyle Alchemist, Reality Architect, and Holistic Health Practitioner specializing in Psychoneuroendoimmunology (PNEI), Metaphysics, Energetics, Nutrition and Alternative Natural Medicine. Samantha is also passionate about human dynamics, holding an Honours degree in Sociology and Psychology, with distinction from Concordia University, as well as a diploma in adult education and a certificate in positive psychology based life coaching. Samantha mentors and trains other healers and coaches in their Spirit Led Businesses and runs both mentorships and the Freedom Culture Mastermind.

Samantha teaches at various events, conferences, masterminds, festivals, agencies, corporations and schools such as: Concordia University, Hanyang University, The Institute of Holistic Nutrition, and Superhero Academy.

Event Coordination & Partnerships

Samantha organizes, hosts and represents various projects and events that are in alignment with her vision and mission. Reach out & chat if you've got something going on that you would like to team up for! 



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