How to do a kidney cleanse | Detoxification

Do we need to detoxify? Doesn't our body do this naturally?

Well - it is designed to detoxify naturally however we are overburdened and bombarded with toxins, chemicals, preservatives, additives, pollution, emfs and negative emotions. Our organs do an amazing job at keeping us healthy but due to the modern way of living, they are a little overworked and exhausted. 

Doing a detox 1-2x per year is the best way to rest, reset and rebuild a healthy body. 

When doing a cleanse, DO NOT follow the motto 'Go Hard or Go Home'. If you start too hard, you will literally have to go home and stay there for quite some time as you very well may experience a Herx reaction (when you detox too fast and your body can't handle it). 

With cleansing, it is important to follow the order of operations (just like in Math - yey)
1. Make sure your bowels are moving properly. Minimum 1 movement per day. 
2. Kidney cleanse
3. Liver cleanse
4. Lymphatic / Blood
(Optional - Lung cleanse, especially if a smoker)

This video goes into the easy to digest method of kidney cleansing: 

For a delicious and incredibly powerful detoxification drink, check out my nutrition blog for the recipe! If you have any questions, reach out - 

Acid alkaline chart


Happy cleansing!