Natural Treatment for ADHD - You Can Heal Yourself

In my 7 years of practice as a Nutritional Practitioner, I have worked with people of all ages struggling with Attention Deficit & Hyperactivity Disorder. ADHD is a chronic condition that affects millions of children and often continues into adulthood. ADHD includes difficulty maintaining attention and focus, hyperactivity and outbursts of impulsive behaviour.

People with ADHD often struggle with lowered self-esteem, troubled interpersonal relationships and poor performance in school or work. In 2016, it was estimated that approximately 11% of children in North America we’re diagnosed with ADHD (source).

Adults will typically exhibit one or more of the following symptoms of ADD/ADHD (source):

  • Difficulty focusing and concentrating on a task, project, or conversation

  • Overwhelming emotional and physical restlessness

  • Frequent mood swings

  • Prone to anger and a hot temper

  • Disorganized

  • Low tolerance of people, situations, and surroundings

  • Unstable relationships

  • Increased risk for addiction (source)

Typical Western ADHD Treatment 

Typical treatment includes pharmaceutical drugs and behavioural interventions (if the family can afford it). The typical medical stance is that there is no cure for ADHD, but medications and therapy are ‘useful dealing with symptoms’.

Sounds like another band-aid solution to me.

Fortunately, the holistic health model offers a different explanation and more productive solution. Extensive scientific studies have shown that refined sugar, artificial sweeteners and chemical food additives as well as nutritional deficiencies, preservatives and food allergies are all causes of ADHD.

Additionally, a partial cause is related to a lack of interest or forcing people to learn in a way they do not naturally learn or by being pushed to do things that they do not want to do.

I have been able to apply this knowledge towards productive solutions with my clients and have seen incredible results. With the proper nutrition, supplements and playful lifestyle, children, teens and adults have been able to reverse their ADHD, increase their self-esteem and develop healthy relationships to themselves and others.

It is imperative to get more of the good stuff and less of the 'bad' stuff when it comes to the brain. Plenty of healthy whole foods and less of the refined, processed and sugar-filled foods. 

In addition to a health promoting diet, the most effective supplements for ADHD are:

1. A high potency Omega supplement - minimum 1000mg per day if taking fish oils. The EPA & DHA in fish oil are imperative for brain function, repair and for protection against inflammation. Supplementing with fish oil helps reduce symptoms of ADHD, improves the ability to concentrate and boosts mood. Algae oil can be used for vegans.

2.  A good quality B-Complex (50 milligrams daily)

Children with ADHD may need more B-vitamins to help with the formation of serotonin, especially vitamin B6.

3. Multi-Mineral Supplement (including zinc, magnesium and calcium)

It is recommended that anyone with ADHD take 500 milligrams calcium, 250 milligrams of magnesium and 5 miligrams of zinc daily. All play a role in relaxing the nervous system and a deficiency may make symptoms worse.

4. Multi strain Probiotic (25–50 billion units daily)

ADHD is connected to digestive issues, therefore taking a good quality probiotci daily will help maintain intestinal health.

5. Rhodiola - has been proven effective at improving the focus of both adults and children. It works by increasing the sensitivity in the neurological and nervous system that produce serotonin and dopamine, which are both essential for effective ADHD symptom control.

Lifestyle Tools 

In addition to a healthy diet and proper supplementation, having a fun, playful and active lifestyle is necessary for a healthy brain. Also, getting OUTSIDE in nature, taking in the sun, breathing fresh air and connecting to Mother Earth will greatly help properly balance the brain's biochemistry. 

Get Support 

I understand how challenging it is to manage ADHD, especially if your health care provider's only solution is a quick fix prescription. If you would like to treat your ADHD naturally, is my pleasure to support you. I help raise happy and healthy humans – if you or someone you love is struggling, please get in touch and one of our highly qualified and passionate Naturopaths will get back to you shortly. We are here for you.

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