GIVE - Facebook Advertising to generate more leads, more clients and massive ROI - Sam's Notes

So you want to use facebook advertising to generate more leads, more clients and massive ROI, but you don't want to read the whole book? GREAT - I've created the Sam's Notes Version of GIVE by Nicholas Kusmich.

As a Lifestyle Alchemist and Wellness Business Coach I help people who are dedicated to positive change build, brand, expand and thrive in their professional wellness practice. Part of being an entrepreneur is being able to reach an audience of interested customers. Like it or not, Facebook Advertising is still one of the best ways to make your message heard and attract the right kind of clients. 

*Everything on this page is directly sourced from his book. This summary is for the person who wants the meat without the bread. If you want more details, I do recommend reading the book itself, it's beneficial and well written. 

GIVE - Nicholas Kusmich, The "Coles's Notes" (Sam's Notes Version)

-What problems do my ideal clients need to solve?

-What do they really need?

-What solution can I provide with them?

-How is that solution different and unique?

-Understand CLEARLY who your customers are and target your advertising at precisely the segments of the population who will benefit from it and find value in it.

-You must develop relationships and Contextual Congruence, meaning that you must understand the social norms pertaining to the platform before you can hope to market effectively. CONTEXT is king.

-Identify ideal prospect, build a relationship with them that extends beyond social media, and make offers to them in ways that enhance your brand, building trust.

-NO ONE is interested in what you are selling, they are interested in connecting what someone who can help solve their problems.


**Do not be the moth fluttering around desperately in search of work, be the flame that attracts your ideal clients to your door. WORK WITH YOUR DREAM CLIENTS ONLY!

-Be in abundance mindset, do not approach from scarcity,

-Your ideal client needs to be understood, undersold and affluent.

-Think about your favorite client, why do you enjoy working with them? What do you like most? What do they do, or not do that makes you want to work with them?


Understand what motivates your ideal client:

AWAY IMMEDIATE = Frustrations




We are always moving towards or away from either immediate or imagined consequences.

You can architect your own image and generate massive name recognition:





The generalist serves anyone and the specialist carves out a niche where they are recognized as an expert.

When you truly master your message, it will be as appealing to your audience as a song they know and love. The right message, distributed in the right way, will capture attention and responses just as powerfully as a popular hit.

-Be different, unique

-Start with WHY

-Frame your WHAT (Unique)

-Find your angle - be remarkable: How to X so that you can Y, create a tool/system, use a custom metaphorical named program

-Position through personification - BE YOU, parables, backstory, character flaws (be relateable), polarity, identify your identity, loss and redemption, before and after, secret telling, third person testimonials.

What’s important is that your message draws out aspects of your bran and your character showcases elements of your brand’s personality, even if those elements are exaggerated for dramatic or comic effect.



Short, Actionable, Goal-Oriented, Easy

PEOPLE NEED INFORMATION THAT TAKES THEM TOWARDS THEIR GOALS. Provide people with the first step, the second step, the third step, etc.

Do not try to take people from A to Z with one magnet, they need it in small bite sized chunks, step by step. This allows them to have small sucesses which will allow for them to gain confidence in themselves and their abilities.

A good magnet would be a short video or resource sheet explaining a single step. **Show your prospects that you can assist them in one step so that they will start to believe you can assist them in achieving their larger goals - they will associate their success with you.

People want magnets that are EASY enough for them to make. Taylor your magnet depending on the precise outcome you want to achieve.

A short actionable magnet will build momentum

An actionable, easy magnet will engender a sense of progress

An easy, goal oriented magnet will generate confidence

A short, goal oriented magnet will create excitement

QUESTION: What exactly do you want your magnet to do?


(Authority, trust, excitement)

**Inspiration is NOT motivation - you are not there to be simply a cheerleader, your job is to give them a tool that takes them a step closer to their goals. When you do this, you will naturally inspire them. They will feel a sense of achievement and a desire to go further.

Webinars and PDFs are the best way to attract clients with a magnet, avoid e-books.

PDF’s are easy to download, have high conversions and gives them something they value immediately. PDF, Guide, Checklist, etc

USE video for your magnet if you can create a good quality video that is captivating.

Building your magnet:

You must introduce yourself!! Who are you and what do you do for people?

“Hey, my name is Samantha Lotus, I am a lifestyle alchemist and I help people transform their lives into gold through positive psychology, holistic nutrition and the specialization of psychoneuroendoimmunology”.

"Hey my name is Samantha Lotus, I am a wellness business coach and I help positive changemakers build thriving professional practices by giving them the tools, techniques and support they need!"

Step 2: Tell them what the magnet will do for them. (Make this short, clear and concise)

In the body of the magnet, break the content down into several segments. You want prospects to feel a sense of progress as they work through the magnet. Give them a few steps to work through WITHOUT making the magnet too long or complex.

Step 3: Offer a next step. Tell them what you want them to do after they used your magnet. Do you want them to sign up for a webinar series? Make an offer and tell them where to click. USE DIRECTIVES (CLICK HERE NOW)!

Invite them to your conversion mechanism and make it feel like a natural contunuation of the conversation. *Keep the magnet short and snappy, communicate ideas clearly and simply, this is a mark of how well you understand them.

Naming your magnet:

Choose the name with care!

What is it? Whom is it for? How will people be beter off from using it? Choose a few descriptive words that explain the purpose of your magnet. TRIAL AND ERROR. Play with different combinations until you find one that feels right.

(Words like community, tribe, gathering, holistic health, optimization, ascension)

What does the magnet help people do? Transform, get new clients, make more money?

I.e. “The Tribal Retention System” “The Freedom Culture Roadmap”

The Mechanism:

Your mechanism starts with an ad. The ad directs people to a landing page. The landing page leads to a thank you page. When you have a potential client’s e-mail address you can start to corespond with them.

Get your ad right. It’s not to sell s product here… you must first allow their interest to develop. This is only to get a click through to the next phase of the process.

What makes a perfect ad? 3 elements: Click, Capture, Connect through rapport

  1. Great image (boost contrast, make it stand out. Make it relevant to product).

  2. Open ad with a question that invites an implied yes. Yes yes yes yes.

  3. Tell them exactly what to do. Tell them to click the link. Make it obvious.

The landing page

This is the beginning of the real relationship with your audience. Do not push for a sale right away, this is still the nurture.

Create an opening to communicate with your prospects on a continuous basis, eventually warming them up to a sale. The landing page is like a handshake. Make it warm and inviting, and back that up with something prospects will value this way, they're much more likely to give you their number.

Make the landing page and facebook page look and feel similar to the original ad. To keep consistency. You want people to feel comfortable when they click through and for the experience to be consistent.

Inconsistency and harsh change/colors, etc can make it feel like a trap or a scam. Make it easy to follow and inviting. Be authentic and transparent. Put your picture or your website on your page, so it feels real. 

Ad, landing page, e-mail capture, thank you page (this is a journey of increasing momentum)

There are three types of clients:

  1. Fast lane - make decisions quick and take action quick

  2. Moderate - need more connection before they’re ready to buy ( 7 points of contact before buying)

  3. Slow lane - very cautious and take longer to decide (months to years)

Give fast lane an option to buy on the thank you page. Moderate will not buy but they will take the magnet. They will buy later if interested.

*It pays to make a conscious effort to accommodate every type of client.

***Ask yourself: Does my ad capture attention, create connection and cause action? Do I have a process in place to cater to fast, medium or slow lane people? Is this process working? If not, how can I adapt it?


To be winning in the game you must be willing to spend money on your ads. 1000-10,000 per day on advertising for massive gains. (If you are just starting out, PLEASE DO NOT SPEND this kind of money on ads, make sure your backup and systems as well as signature program are set up and running smoothly - Samantha)

Notes: To find the audience - Interests and behaviours, connections (likes), lookalike, retargeted, custom. 


So there you have it, some super solid advice for using Facebook Ads to generate more leads, more clients and massive ROI. 

If this sounds good but you still have no clue what you're doing or still aren't clear on how to build, brand, run and function in your business.. let's talk! 

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***I am in no way affiliated with Nicolas Kusmich or his work. This is not a paid or endorsed article. In fact, I hope he is ok with this summary! in fact, if he is pleased by it and wants to be friends... that's cool with me ;)