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Is the Ketogenic diet healthy? My thoughts & experience with keto.

Is the keto diet healthy? Is this the right diet for me?

- These are the questions I asked myself when I studied the hip and trendy ketogenic diet. It looked interesting, had some compelling arguments and sounded like a miracle diet for many reasons. As a lifestyle alchemist, naturopathic practitioner and science nerd, I knew I was going to dive deep into the research and once I did, I gave it a shot (3 times actually).

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6 Ways to Avoid Getting Sick This Season

Flu season is here. 

With our body being exposed to a plethora of bacteria, toxins, cold weather and lack-o-sunshine, this season makes our immune system work overtime.

Real Life But Better is about feeling great. Here are some ways to give your immune system (and yourself) some love and extra protection this season!

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