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6 Ways to Avoid Getting Sick This Season

Flu season is here. 

With our body being exposed to a plethora of bacteria, toxins, cold weather and lack-o-sunshine, this season makes our immune system work overtime.

Real Life But Better is about feeling great. Here are some ways to give your immune system (and yourself) some love and extra protection this season!

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Should I stop eating rice? Are carbs bad for me?

Many people do not even know what carbs are, and often mistake carbs and grains as the same thing. If you are to stop eating all carbohydrates. this means you're saying goodbye to all grains, legumes, nuts, dairy, sugar, fruits and even vegetables. 

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How do I use coconut oil? Is coconut oil healthy?

Recently there has been some controversy over the health benefits of coconut oil. It seems to be a cycle where various associations try to tell the public that fat is bad for us, however with the incredible amount of information and science now available to us, we know that that is not the truth.

Research shows that fats in coconut oil are extremely beneficial, as they increase our cellular function, improve our metabolism, boost our mood, balance our hormones and can actually decrease risk factors for both heart attack and stroke!

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How to do a fruit cleanse

There is a lot of controversy around fruit, sugar, blood glucose levels and insulin resistance in the nutrition world, especially since the rise in popularity of the Paleo and Ketogenic diets, however much of this information is based around half truths. Sugar from refined sources, complex carbohydrates, dairy and grains is completely different than the monosaccharide sugar from fruits.

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