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The Empowered Essentials to build your freedom.

Imagine what life could be life if you didn’t have to stress about money and work anymore? How epic would it be to make your own hours, work from wherever you want, have no boss, make as much money and feel fulfilled by doing something you ABSOLUTELY LOVE!?

The way you do anything is the way you do everything, and each aspect of your life affects the others. Isn’t it time to reclaim your time, your value, your skills and your purpose here on the planet so that you can actually enjoy your life fully and feel in alignment with what you came here to do?

Imagine what it could be for you to be the “lucky” one, with the flexible schedule, passion-infused business, envy-inducing lifestyle and the income that supports your life, family, dreams and destiny!

How amazing could it be to wake up every single day with the utmost love, gratitude and appreciation for all you have built, all you have created as you look around you and realize that you have manifested the life of your dreams?

What if it didn’t have to be just a figment of your imagination? I am here to tell you that Freedom is your Birthright… you just have to say YES & build it.

When I said yes to building my freedom, a whole new world opened up to me. I create my own schedule, travel the globe regularly, do what I want when I want, have the income to support me and an amazing community around me as I live my best life while helping others do the same.

Just like anything else in life, all you have to do is want it, feel the possibility, say YES to it and go out and get it.

Let me tell you a story…




But I never really saw the true potential of oils until I ran a 150 person mastermind on an off grid eco-village on a remote island in the Caribbean cost of costa rica…

I had used oils in my personal life and knew about their general benefit but had not had such wildly diverse need or profound results as our event at Punta Mona.

Running a Superhero Mastermind in the middle of the jungle is wild and a lot can happen… and all of it did. We all faced everything from bug bites, cuts and scrapes, digestive upset, sunburns, colds, insomnia… the list goes on… and although we had some great local medicines, I noticed one of our attendees being a magical healing fairy and supporting everyone (myself included) with essential oils.

This is when I saw the immense potential of essential oils and feel completely in love with them! I knew that I had to integrate them into my life, healing protocols and business!

They had made such a massive impact on our whole group. It just clicked for me how I could use these amazing plant medicines to support the people I love at a whole new level and empower them in a new way that I hadn’t before.

Along with being obsessed with the oils, I also became best friends with the magical healing fairy and knew I had to dive in and learn everything I could!

Samantha Lotus.png
Rachell Brinkerhoff

Rachell has a multiple 6-figure business, (with mine well on it’s way to becoming that) based on these incredible oils. When I saw the way she uses the oils, collects tribe members, cultivates community and shares her passion for health I knew she was someone I wanted to partner with. Not to mention, her lifestyle and freedom really inspired me and resonated with my desires, dreams and destiny.

We saw one another instantly and resonated with one another so deeply, that joining her on a mission to empower the world to BE WELL was an absolute no brainer.

She taught me about the opportunity to really make an impact in the lives of others by utilizing mama nature’s medicines and partnering up with a company that really cares and is in full alignment with my values & purpose.

I saw this as a powerful tool to help people transform their lives and Rewrite Their Realities.

I had been asking the Universe for this magical creature. Her name is Rachell Brinkerhoff.


 Rachell invited me to go stay with her at her beautiful beachfront home in Hawaii, which was an opportunity that massively upgraded my life

Me being who I am, I knew that I needed to really see the ins and outs of the business to make sure it was REALLY in alignment with who I am and the way I want to work. As a lifestyle alchemist, naturopathic practitioner and business coach, I wanted to make sure that I was in FULL resonance with the product, the company, the business structure, the team and the mission.

After my 5 weeks deeply immersed in the oil world, I knew I would create an epic opportunity for myself and others; one that support our goals in bringing health, happiness, freedom & fulfillment to the world.


That’s where Empowered Essentials comes in...



 Empowered Essentials is a community and support training program that gives you the tools, resources and accountability for starting and being successful in your doTERRA business!

In the process of building their 7-figure per year business, mine and Rachell’s business mentor and doTERRA parents Kierston & Kyle Kierschbaum created a training program of incredible resources — including guides, manuals, workshops, checklists, templates, presentations and more.

I saw these amazing tools and felt SO supported and seriously in awe of how easy and streamlined it all was. Here was a way to reverse engineer one of the most successful (and fastest growing) network marketing businesses on the planet, in a way that could work for ANYONE, regardless of if they’ve had experience or not!

Having access to this platform of tools, plus adding in my own alchemical resources and community has enabled me to be supported fully while supporting my global family of wellness warriors and healing leaders!

Essentially, this is a “Done for you business”.

Samantha Lotus.png

 We have laid out literally everything you need to take it and run with it.

You are given every single thing you need in order to get your doTERRA business up and running... You don’t need to worry about the guesswork, trial-and-error, or super expensive time-wasting and energy draining that usually comes along with building a successful business.

  •  Visioning your doTERRA journey and identifying the people you’d most like to empower.

  • How to set goals that light you up (and the boss scheduling tools that’ll help you reach them)

  • The best way to start sharing your passion with family and friends (and the topnotch strategy to get them interested and excited)

  • How to prep for your oil workshops — including creating an invite, the exact scripts to send to potential hosts, minimizing no-shows, and how to turn one session into many!

  • EXACTLY how to lead your own essential oils session (including videos and guides on how to enrol like a Queen or King)

  • Awesome recipes (and other oily goodies) for you to share with your tribe — either in person or on social media (we’ve done all the hard work for you!)

  • Master the art of heart-led selling (so you can lovingly inspire your tribe to shift into “Hell yes!” mode)

  • How to attract and nurture an empowered team (and how to structure it so you can ALL rank advance)

  • How to build an abundant and stable fractal within doTERRA, so that you can maximize your compensation. (Because being supported in your business will really allow you to grow and thrive!)

  • All your fun questions answered — including how to deal with doubters, how to get your partner on board, and how to explain your oily obsession to others ;)

  • Access to our business accelerator training Sessions — where we go through the strategies and mindset that go into creating a passion fuelled lifestyle business and take action right there and then to build your empire!

  • Membership in our exclusive Empowered Essentials Facebook group as well as Rachell’s and Kierston’s groups — We are here to share our insights, answer your questions, and support you along this journey.

  • Membership in our Essentials from A to Z Facebook group which is all about the oils and taking your health to the next level!

  • Access to our online training program Essential oil Expert valued at $9999 which shows you everything you need to know about using the oils!

  • Plus So. Much. More...

It’s the most powerful, no-brainer, time-freeing system… and because it’s filled with tools and templates directly taken from a 7-figure business, you can rest assured — it DOES work… when you show up fully and passionately.


 Even better, every single person you enrol to join your doTERRA tribe will ALSO get access to this training system — as will the people THEY enrol, and THEY enrol, and so on! Empowered Essentials is a community that helps each other thrive.

(Oh yeah, ALSO…You get access to the entire system at no extra cost when you enrol and get your oils through me, which you’ll see how to do in a sec… I love when things are this epic!)


“But, hmm…. I don’t know if network marketing or selling is really for me?!”

Most people are programmed to have this doubt, but let me tell you a little secret? You’re already a network marketer, and you sell things all the time whether you know it or not!

“Sales” is really just an exchange, and when you have a product and opportunity that you love, you shift your perspective and see that “selling something” is actually serving someone with something they will benefit from. So what’s the harm in that?

Network marketing means serving people you know, love and want to support. When it’s pursued with love and integrity, it creates a powerful exchange, opportunity, tribe and ripple of impact.


SirinMoodboard (1).png

The super generous doTERRA model is already lucrative, and Empowered Essentials is the community that amplifies this opportunity.

To be empowered and successful in a network marketing business, you have to have two things: a company that you believe in, and a product that you love.

This is why I chose to partner with doTERRA. This is a company with heart, soul, amazing values, high integrity, and a huge passion for positively impacting the world. Check it out:

  • The Gold Standard and purest essential oils, harvested directly from mama earth, and extracted in such a way as to preserve every tiny molecule of plant power.

  • A commitment and partnership through co-impact sourcing with small scale growers and farmers (many of whom live in developing countries, and whose entire families and communities are supported by their partnership with doTERRA).

  • A culture of empowerment — everyone, no matter who they are, where they come from, or what their life looks like, can benefit from this amazing business model.

  • And a heartfelt promise to Mama Nature — if it can’t be done sustainably, they don’t do it. Hooray for that!

As a HUGE advocate for the planet, for wellness, for empowerment and alignment, I could ONLY work with a company who’s integrity and values matched mine, and to be honest, doTERRA’s standards far exceeded my expectations for what a large scale company would be able to do!

The ultra generous doTERRA model is already lucrative, and Empowered Essentials is the community that amplifies this opportunity.

* Earnings Disclaimer


 Real Talk…this opportunity is NOT for everyone.

For real though, Empowered Essentials is not made for everyone, and it’s in BOTH our interests to make sure we’re a good fit. This is not the opportunity for you if:

  1. You are not someone who cares about making a positive impact on the planet (I only invest in people who want to become conscious leaders, and if that’s not you, we probably aren’t a good fit for being business partners).

  2. You’re not someone who takes action. Collaborative business rewards those who show up and do the work. If you’re looking to make a quick buck or some get rich quick scheme, this isn’t that.

  3. You quit when things get tough. There are going to be challenges, obstacles and road bumps along the way. Just like anything, building this kind of business takes patience, perseverance and passion! There’s a ton of personal development involved as well!


Empowered Essentials is PERFECT for you if...

  • You’re excited by collaboration, tribe, and following your soul’s calling.

  • You desire freedom, in all areas of your life — your income, your time, your wellbeing, your reality, all of it.

  • You’re ambitious & motivated. You’re willing to show up, dive deep, and share from your heart.

  • You’re not afraid to be told ‘no’. (You know it means that you’re one step closer to the next ‘yes’!)

  • You believe in contagious success — so you love celebrating your community and lifting each other up.

  • You want to get oils into your life and join our Empowered Essentials community! ($399 value, yours FREE).

Samantha Lotus.png

Say yes to your dreams, say yes to your empowerment, say yes to your freedom.

You get access to the whole training program at no extra cost when you enrol and purchase your oils through me. All you have to do is follow the easy steps below to get started...


Choose Your Kit

No matter what you need right now, there is an enrolment kit that will be perfect for you. All you need to do is click the link below and you will be taken to our doTERRA enrolment page.

  1. Click here to start

  2. If you just what to get these incredible oils into your life, select Wholesale Customer. If you are ready to be mentored by me, join the community and build your own doTERRA business, select Wellness Advocate. Both options get you wholesale prices (25% off)

  3. Make sure you enter 5899598 in the Enroller ID filed.

  4. Create an account by filling out your details.

  5. Now select an enrolment kit. I started with the Every Oil Kit, others start with the Natures Essentials and some start with the Home Essentials Kit, and there are loads of great options for you! Choosing a kit is the most cost-effective and fun way to get started!

    USA kits here
    Canadian kits here

  6. Complete your purchase and you are all done!

Once we see your account has been created, you will get an email from me (Samantha) with details about getting started with our Empowered Essentials community and training program!



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