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Similar to the stories many of us share, I grew up with a Standard North American lifestyle; eat junk food, take the medications, stress out over everything, learn to repress my emotions, become consumed by fear and negativity, get sick, lose faith in everything, have a massive breakdown and find myself needing to piece together the broken parts.

At 26, I nearly died. It was the scariest and yet most pivotal experience for me. After years of physical, mental and emotional trauma, all systems in my body shut down and I could not function. I was sick ALL the time, had lost my period for 7 years, had Hashimoto’s thyroid autoimmune condition, hormone imbalances, mood fluctuations, and then had an infection go systemic and cause a cancerous blood situation. I was faced with a near death/meet God/Realize I am the Universe experience that gave me the opportunity to awaken to my own Self and choose life.