But I never really saw the true potential of oils until i ran a 150 person mastermind on an off grid ecovillage on a remote island in the caribbean cost of costa rica…

I had used oils in my personal life and knew about their general benefit but had not had such wildly diverse need or profound results as our event at Punta Mona.

Running a Superhero Mastermind in the middle of the jungle is wild and a lot can happen… and all of it did. We all faced everything from bug bites, cuts and scrapes, digestive upset, sunburns, colds, insomnia… the list goes on… and although we had some great local medicines, I noticed one of our attendees being a magical healing fairy and supporting everyone (myself included) with essential oils.

This is when I saw the immense potential of essential oils and feel completely in love with them! I knew that I had to integrate them into my life, healing protocols and business!

They had made such a massive impact on our whole group. It just clicked for me how I could use these amazing plant medicines to support the people I love at a whole new level and empower them in a new way that I hadn’t before.

Along with being obsessed with the oils, I also became best friends with the magical healing fairy and knew I had to dive in and learn everything I could!