Rachell has a multiple 6-figure business, (with mine well on itโ€™s way to becoming that) based on these incredible oils. When I saw the way she uses the oils, collects tribe members, cultivates community and shares her passion for health I knew she was someone I wanted to partner with. Not to mention, her lifestyle and freedom really inspired me and resonated with my desires, dreams and destiny.

We saw one another instantly and resonated with one another so deeply, that joining her on a mission to empower the world to BE WELL was an absolute no brainer.

She taught me about the opportunity to really make an impact in the lives of others by utilizing mama natureโ€™s medicines and partnering up with a company that really cares and is in full alignment with my values & purpose.

I saw this as a powerful tool to help people transform their lives and Rewrite Their Realities.

I had been asking the Universe for this magical creature. Her name is Rachell Brinkerhoff.