This is where my true healing began, where the answers to the Universe were held and where my Alchemist path unfolded exponentially.

It definitely was not an easy ride, in fact most of it was completely terrifying, isolating, exhausting and overwhelming. When I was going through my total life breakdown, I felt beyond lonely, lost and defeated.

Doctors had no answers for me, almighty google promised that I was dying in a million different ways, my friends and family didn’t understand, my boss had quite little sympathy or patience, my schooling wasn’t putting itself on hold, and all I could do was spiral into the darkness as my world was collapsing around me.

Fortunately, my curiosity, desire to understand and determination to crack the code kept me going. I was OBSESSED with getting to the bottom of why I got sick (and why so many people are sick). I knew deep down that I was somehow meant to be in this situation, that I was oddly enough, exactly where I needed to be.

You see, at this time I already had a degree in psychology and sociology, I had already studied Eastern medicine in Korea and was in school to get my advanced degree as a holistic nutritional practitioner, and so I was already introduced to the world of ‘alternative medicine’ which THANK GOD saved me from saying yes to the MANY drugs, operations, surgeries and chemical procedures were being pushed upon me.

I had a deep belief that the human body could heal itself, and I was getting the chance to really test this out. I got to experience first hand through both experience and intense research exactly why I got sick (the many reasons) and how I would need to go about healing.

Let me tell you, I went to EVERY SINGLE kind of doctor and healer possible: MD, ND, chiropractor, neurologist, osteopath, homeopath, reiki healer, massage therapist, nutritionist, colon hydrotherapist, light therapists, live blood cell microscopist, hypnotherapist, talk therapist, body worker, yoga practitioners and even went to some religious, spiritual and psychic practitioners.

I spent THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of dollars on every supplement, treatment and gadget you could imagine. I tried it all, and while some of the therapies and protocols offered some relief, nothing really lasted.

Through some very alternative plant medicine journeys and more meditative practices that things began to truly reveal themselves.

This is where I realized that I had been focusing too heavily on the physical and not enough on the mental or emotional. Once this clicked, I dove deep into metaphysics, epigenetics and the power of the mind/body connection and how our repressed emotions manifest in the body.