Mind/Body/Life/Alchemy Coaching
& Business Consulting

I help powerful leaders transform their businesses and lives so they can maximize their impact in the world while living a life of fun, fulfillment & freedom!

With my multidisciplinary background in psychology, life coaching, NLP, naturopathy, nutrition, yoga metaphysics and business consulting, I offer the tools, systems, structures, support and accountability to optimize every single facet of your life: physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, social and professional.

Whether you are a CEO, Entrepreneur, Superhero, Alchemist, Creative or Coach who needs help taking care of your own life, or are struggling with your business, it’s time you transform your personal and professional affairs into gold so that you can totally thrive it in your reality, without all the stress, overwhelm, confusion, depression or dis-ease… because yeah, the world needs you!


Did you know?

You can alchemize the mind, body, life & business you've always desired and begin achieving your biggest & wildest dreams - across EVERY aspect of life! 

Each human has the power and potential to do so, yet most are not. 

Society has been infected.

Did you know that only 2% of the population live in a state of joy, peace, fulfillment & bliss? ONLY 2%!!! Not only is that totally mind boggling, but also unfortunate and unnecessary. Most people are sick, stressed, diseased, depressed, oppressed and disconnected from who they really are.

There is a systemic infection that has corrupted the collective, and it is time we spread the anti-virus far and wide, and reclaim our strength and sovereignty.

we are not meant to be oppressed. 

I’m here to tell you loud and clear that things can get better. Abundant Health, Happiness & Freedom ARE possible for you. No matter how disempowered you feel, YOU have the power to transform your reality. 

we are meant to be free.  

First I will remind you that YOU are a magnificent human being and you are doing great. You are worthy of health, happiness, abundance and fulfillment.. and certainly you are deserving of love. You are important and you are needed here. 

Now that we've got that straightened out, let me tell you why I am here. 

I am here to proliferate a Freedom Culture where each and every individual is able to share their unique gifts with the world & to support powerful leaders in optimizing their businesses & lives so they can maximize their impact on the planet (and do so without killing themselves).


Samantha Lotus Alchemy

Lifestyle Alchemy

You know that you deserve better.

You are being called to create a version of yourself that is healthy, happy, abundant and free. You are tired of living your life in the struggle. You are ready to take charge, empower yourself and evolve into the most optimal version of yourself.


This program will enable you to move past your pain, to overcome your challenges, to free your mind, decondition your constructs, rebuild your identity and reclaim your divine right to shine as the bright light that you are.

This is beyond any health, wellness or life coaching program you’ve heard of.

This is the art of Alchemy.

Samantha Lotus Life Purpose Business Coach

Life Purpose Business Coaching

You are ready to step into your power.

You know that you’re not meant to slave away at some 9-5, wasting your life-force energy building something that doesn’t TRULY matter to you.

You know you came to the planet for a specific mission, and that your life has a purpose. You feel the call to make the world a better place, and you are ready to step into your power.


This 3 month program will enable you to build a successful and fulfilling business so that you can thrive in your life while helping others do the same.

Samantha Lotus Life Coach

Are we a fit?

You resonate with the titles: Alchemist, Superhero, Lightworker, Loveleader, Quantum King/Queen, Healer, Coach, Guide…

You feel a DEEP calling in your heart to help the planet

You are ready to be a part of the spiritual revolution

You are passionate about the process of transformation

You have big dreams and goals & are ready to receive

You are willing to step up and do the work. This ain’t always easy.

You need a mentor to support, encourage, teach and guide you.

You want a step by step blueprint on how to turn your passion into your purpose and finally thrive in your business.

You know that you can no longer suppress the mission of your soul.

If this sounds like you, we need to connect. The world needs you & it can’t wait any longer.


Samantha Lotus Testimonial

Samantha Lotus Testimonial

Samantha Lotus Testimonial

Samantha Lotus Testimonial

Samantha Lotus Testimonial