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I Recognize you

You are a Leader, an Alchemist, a Superhero, a Lightworker, a Loveleader, A Quantum King/Queen and an Activated Human with an Awoken Soul & you are ready to truly thrive in your mind, body, business & life.


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The time is now.

You are ready to THRIVE in EVERY aspect of your life!

I am here to EMPOWER you to step into your fullness, to ALIGN with your divine essence, to RELEASE the pain and to ACTIVATE and UPGRADE into a whole new iteration of your EVOLUTION.

It is time to SAY YES to your dreams, to COMMIT to your goals and to TRULY have the mind, body, business & life that you deserve.

Samantha Lotus Smile

Lifestyle Alchemist, Reality Architect, Naturopathic & Metaphysical Healing Guide, Business Consultant, & CoFounder of Freedom Culture

I am helping shift the constructs of reality through Alchemy, Applied Emergence Practice & Conscious Business Consulting. I am here to empower other leaders with the systems, strategies, tools & support you need to achieve health, happiness, freedom and fulfillment in your life.

The vision I have for the world is one where people are empowered and inspired to be who they truly are, where we are living in harmony with ourselves, each other, nature and the Universe. I envision a Freedom Culture of heterarchy and unity where we live bodies that we love, where our minds are used to dream up beautiful new creations, our hearts open to give and receive our true life blood of love and our society is built upon the premise of human flourishing.

I will not sit idle and wait for it to be built for me, for I know that I came here as an ambassador of Freedom and Love, and I am ready to be the work.

I invite you to join me.


What Am I up to?


If you are looking to achieve optimal wellness in your body and mind, or are looking to align with your life purpose and create a business that truly helps peopleโ€ฆ