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Meet Samantha

I’m a Lifestyle Alchemist, Naturopathic & Metaphysical Healing Guide, Holistic Life & Business Coach & CoFounder of Freedom Culture.

I am helping shift the constructs of reality through Lifestyle Alchemy, Natural Medicine and Holistic Life & Business Coaching. I empower wellness leaders, influencers and health professionals with the strategies, systems and support to optimize their lives & businesses through mental, emotional, physical and entrepreneurial mastery

The vision I have for the world is one where people are empowered and inspired to be who they truly are, where we are living in harmony with ourselves, each other, nature and the Universe.



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I recognize you.

You are a Leader, an Alchemist, a Superhero, a Lightworker, a Wellness or Health Entrepreneur, or an Activated Human with an Awoken Soul and you are ready to truly thrive in your mind, body, business & life.

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Lifestyle Alchemy


Life Purpose Business Coaching


Holistic Healing


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My intention is to inspire and empower you to awaken to your true potential, live the life of your dreams and make a positive impact in the world. This channel is a mix of lifestyle tips, health hacks, perspective shifts, inspirational videos and other random pieces of #realtalk that I feel needs to be said!




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