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I Recognize you

You are a Powerful Leader, an Alchemist, a Lightworker, a Loveleader, A Quantum King/Queen and an Activated Human with an Awoken Soul & you are ready to truly thrive in your mind, body, business & life.


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The time is now.

You are ready to THRIVE in your business & life without killing yourself doing it.

I am here to EMPOWER you to step into your fullness, to ALIGN with your divine essence, to RELEASE the pain and to ACTIVATE and UPGRADE into a whole new iteration of your EVOLUTION.

It is time to SAY YES to your dreams, to COMMIT to your goals and to TRULY have the mind, body, business & life that you deserve.

Samantha Lotus Smile

Lifestyle Alchemist, Reality Architect, Naturopathic & Metaphysical Healing Guide, Business Consultant, & CoFounder of Freedom Culture, Samantha Lotus is shifting the constructs of reality through Alchemy, Applied Emergence Practice & Conscious Business Consulting. She educates and empowers her leaders with the systems, strategies, tools & support they need to thrive in their lives and businesses.